A series of four online meetings where we will explore and expand our consciousness combining shamanic practices, embodiement and Osho active meditations.

A series where we will explore expand recognise !

Each meeting will focus on one of the four elements offering different explorations combined with a fitting active meditation. To repesent each element, there will be guest faccilitators who will invite & carry this specific frequency.
We will begin to dive into the energy of the element and see what unique offering it brings as a first part. Following this, an Osho's Active Meditation will help us to process and internalize the pearls that have arisen in us.
Each time we will practice a different Osho Meditation. Osho's meditations are an amazing and powerful tool that have been helping many souls around the world for more than four decades.

Why we do this

"osho" by tamburix is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/?ref=openverse.

The convergence two of our favorite things, Shamanism and Osho meditations, has been a revelation for our spiritual journey. Both practices, though distinct in their origins and methodologies, have woven together seamlessly. Shamanism's connection with nature and unseen energies complements Osho meditations' focus on present awareness. Together, they offer profound healing, self-discovery, and inner growth.

Prabodh and Alexander are following this path for some time. The journey of shamanism initially connected us. The love for Oshos work brougth us closer togehter. Now we want to go deeper and share it at the same time with the world with all of our passion.


Alexander works as a coach & facilitator with passion and a lot of personal commitment with people, teams and organizations on their way to the best possible outcome. Through his holistic and sensitive approach, direct and authentic communication and his situational intuition, additional levels are also exposed.

His versatile experiences from his personal life, shamanic work and therapeutic perspective help him to sensitively hit the point which just requires attention.


A native of Israel, I live in the Czech Republic with my partner. I have been following the path of Osho and meditation for over a decade, a disciple of love and facilitator of spaces for transformation.

Why you should participate

  • explore different OSHO meditations to deepen your understanding about yourself

  • feel at home and connected with a supportive group flow

  • expend your conciousness in different areas of your life

  • open up for new experiences and connections

  • discover new perspectives of the elements

  • wish to have some fun :)

Every appointment always starts at 6 p.m. CET via. ZOOM and is planned to last about 2.5 hours.
no previous experince needed, only willingness and openness
The language spoken during the event is English.


The series is broken down into four dates. Each appointment is independent and can be visited individually. If you are interested in all elements and want to take part in the full journey, then we recommend the complete package.

18 Jul

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18 Jul

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18 Jul

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18 Jul

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10/ Event



20/ Event



30/ Event



  • Book all four dates together!

Pay what you can. Supporter tickets help people who can only afford a reduced ticket. No one is turned away because they can't afford a ticket. If you book all four appointments as a journey, you save 20%.


For the workshop, please take care of yourself and feel invited to prepare:

  • Find a room where you can be undisturbed and be with a good connection to the internet.
  • See what you need to spend the time relaxed, maybe with a seat cushion, blanket or other things that support you. Make it really nice!
  • A candle, a bowl of soil and a bowl of water.
  • Bring your item for your personal altar, which supports you in your strength.
  • Bring your favorite drink and a bottle of water if possible.
  • Prepare a blindfold.


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