Redefining Wealth

“Wealth is money well spent, not kept.”

A online workshop where we engage embodied, emotionally and mentally with money, wealth and their implications.

Money is at the root of our existence because it represents our most fundamental human need - to feel safe and secure. It is a force in human nature just as powerful as sex, and talking about it is just as taboo.

The topic of money activates both our deepest desires and our greatest insecurities. As a society we tend to avoid it. We’ll not talk about money itself or learn how to invest it. Instead, we demonize money and wish we could live without it. Or, we obsess over money and put more emphasis on working than on living our lives. We give away our power to the few who are willing to play the money game, and hope that it all works out in our favor.

It’s time for the heart-centered members of society to take our power back! This mission requires not only talking about money, but shifting our consciousness around money in an integral way.

Why you should participate

  • Investigate how money resides in the Body, Mind, and Spirit, and how these energetics play out in the external world.
  • Unpack and rewrite the narratives you have surrounding work & money.
  • Explore the connection between money and sexuality.
  • Engage in radically honest conversations about money.
  • Take meaningful actions to assess and audit your finances.
  • Be held accountable to your personal goals by the group.
  • Establish tangible financial goals and a roadmap toward achieving them.
  • Learn how to build wealth sustainably by working smarter, not harder.
  • Transform your relationship to money and set out on a path toward meaningful work, long-term wealth, and financial well-being.

It’s 2023. Financial literacy is SEXY. We can’t wait to dive deep and shake things up with you.

No previous knowledge is required, just willingness and openness to new perspectives. The language spoken during the event is English.


For him, wealth means being able to relax and dedicate himself to what gives him the most joy. It’s more than money. It’s a relaxed place in the world where I can surrender into relationships, safety and abundance.

Alexander works as a coach & facilitator with passion and a lot of personal commitment with people, teams and organizations on their way to the best possible outcome. He loves accompanying transformation and holding space for it. Through his holistic and sensitive approach, direct and authentic communication and his situational intuition, additional levels are also exposed.


To Jules, "wealth" is being able to walk into a grocery store and put whatever she wants into her basket. Wealth is being able to work when she wants, from where she wants. Wealth enables her to share her energy generously with the world.

Jules is a transformational facilitator and software engineer living in San Francisco. She is passionate about demystifying the world of finance and helping others re-claim their power.


Freya’s definition of wealth includes being able to travel the world with her
beloved, gain and share wisdom by teaching and creating wealth
opportunities for others..
Freya is a guide, coach and healer who connects the Eastern with the
Western culture. In her work, Freya uses ancient spiritual tantric knowledge,
shamanic practices, meditation, breath work, yoga, bodywork, dance, NLP,
NVC, drama, sex coaching, elements of process-oriented therapy and many
other tools that she has collected over 20 years of practice.


25 Nov


  • 17:00

Transform your relationship with money. Gain financial clarity, literacy & freedom. 17 bis 22 Uhr CET











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